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With 100's of positive reviews across numerous sites I am the safest, securest and most discreet provider in Dayton, Ohio.

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How can I be assured confidentiality and discretion?

I not only take pride in being your private companion but also hold myself to the highest standard and professional ethics.  Please be assured, your privacy and confidentiality will not be compromised under any circumstance. If you have concerns, read my reviews and you will see that I'm described as stunning and beautiful.  Good manners and respect go a long way with me.

Do you answer your emails personally?

Yes!  I am an independent companion and not affiliated with any agency. I also don't use an assistant. If a provider uses an assistant there is a chance they work for an agency or else the assistant works for many providers. Not someone you want your information exposed to.

How soon can we meet?

As soon as you complete my Booking Form in its entirety and I'm able to verify you.

How can you expect to see me dressed?

You can always feel comfortable knowing that I will dress in a casual yet classy manner and you will be proud to be with me.  You can rest assured that I will always be discrete in public and that I will be the epitome of class.

Can we meet on a date to see if we're compatible?

Absolutely!  See my Get To Know Me Date.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Kindly check your schedule prior to requesting an engagement.  By accepting your invitation, I commit to being present for our date arrangement and will decline and turn away all other date offers that day resulting in a loss.

Can we spend time together outside of an appointment?

I’m asked this a lot and the answer is:  Even if our chemistry is magic, please understand your purpose in this relationship.  I need to be compensated for my time. To avoid uncomfortable situations, I ask that this be respected, and that a date or extra time together will not be asked for without compensation.

We've met before and got along well. Can we work out a special rate?

I won’t see someone a second time unless we get along well.  Chemistry and mutual respect is the rule, not the exception.  I am blessed to have manifested generous friends with whom I have wonderful adventures.  I also have a full life, which means that my time is limited.  Please don’t ask for a discount -- it makes for an awkward moment and will almost inevitably change the tenor of our relationship.

If you are interested in arranging a special situation where we plan on spending an extended period of time together each month, a special consideration structure can be discussed.  I will need to see you for a couple of dates prior to extending this offer.

Are you a smoker?  Do you date smokers?

No, my health is a top priority as I take great care of my body.  While I prefer to date non-smokers, if you are a smoker and will assure me you will not smoke during our date, I will be happy to see you.

Do you see a large volume of clients?

No. I find that not being available to everyone is not only what I prefer but what my established patrons enjoy about me as well.

Do you provide references?

Yes, if I've met you within the last year as I don't keep your information for more than one year. No phone calls or text -- Requests accepted via email and must include:
Name, email address, phone and provider's website link (I need to know this is a legit request)

How do I contact you?

If this is our first date, please complete the Secure Booking Request Form. Once the screening process is completed, I will contact you so we can confirm our engagement. 

How far in advance can I book an appointment with you?

I prefer 24 hours notice, possibly more for first time clients to complete the screening process. For established clients I will always do my very best to meet your needs.

I am very private, must I follow your screening process?

I value my safety, it is my top priority. I'm a very private person myself, however I must verify who you are before I meet you. All information is 100% confidential and will never be shared. I will protect you as I do myself, discretion on all levels is understood to be of the utmost importance.

What will you wear on our date?

My dress is classic yet sexy. I will fit in anywhere we go and not draw attention "while at the same time turning heads". After our initial meeting, any requests for attire will be gladly accommodated.

Do you provide incall?

If needed I am more than willing to arrange a comfortable place for us to spend our time with an additional fee depending on the city. While on tour I always secure a beautiful incall location.

Reviews & Experience

With 100's of positive reviews across numerous sites I am the safest, securest and most discreet provider in Dayton, Ohio.

The Erotic Review

Date Check

Preferred 411 (P411)